In Memory of Those We Witnessed, Whose Lives Were Lost During the Opening Scenes of Six Feet Under and Whose Corpses Were Undertaken by Fisher & Sons Funeral Home

by Alli Dillard

Nathaniel Fisher, 57, is hit by a bus while driving a hearse. Chandler James Swanson, 34, strikes his head at the bottom of a shallow pool. Thomas Alfredo Romano, 57, is chopped into pieces by an industrial dough mixer. Manuel Pedro Antonio Bolin, 21, prefers his gang name Paco and is shot by a rival. Tito—cat of porn star Viveca St. John, 44—knocks electric hair curlers into her bath. Mildred Effinger “Hattie” Jones, 81, dies in her sleep (her husband dies while napping beside her casket). Army vet Victor Wayne Kovich, 30, suffers from Gulf War Syndrome. Celebrating divorce with her head out a limo’s roof, Chloe Margaret Bryant Yorkin, 42, is decapitated by a low hanging cherry picker. Anthony Christopher Finelli, 7, accidentally shoots himself with his mother’s gun. The wife of Jonathan Arthur Hanley, 55, ends his incessant rambles with her skillet. Dillon Michael Cooper, 2 weeks, SIDS. Marcus Foster Jr., 23, beaten to death by homophobic men. Lillian Grace Montrose, 65, stray golfball to the head.

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. moves back home from Seattle to work for the family funeral home after his father dies. He is the oldest son, the savior of the Fisher family. Nate is diagnosed with a brain arteriovenous malformation. He chooses to live without treatment and does not tell anyone of his illness.

Horror movie actress Rebecca Leah Milford, 21, ODs on coke after on-screen death. Joshua Peter Langmead, 20, overheats during football practice and collapses. Michael John Piper, 49, cancer. Harold Mossback, 59, fears flight so he takes a bus tour instead. Emily Previn, 47, chokes at home; it takes days before anyone besides ants find her. Matthew Heath Collins, 42, drunkenly falls off a boat and into its propeller. Jeffrey Marc Shapiro, 38, reaches orgasm then asphyxiates. Jesse Ray Johnson, 57, wrecks his motorcycle dressed as Santa Claus. Dwight Edgar Garrison, 57, hit by a tin lunchbox that falls off a construction site. Benjamin Srisal, 67, heart attack. Edith Kirky, 73, chokes in nursing home. Leticia Perfecta Perez, 80, falls asleep under a hair salon’s hood dryer. Aaron Buchbinder, 26, pancreatic cancer.

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. has seizures in front of his sister Claire and his fiancée Brenda. He tells his family he is sick. Nate’s engagement ends with a fight that ends with his ring thrown at Brenda. Nate has cranial surgery. It is uncertain whether he will live or die.

Matthew Clark Hazen, 41, Martin Jacobs, 25, Andrew Wayne Milne, 51, and Daniel Grant Showalter, 35, are shot by Showalter at work. Callie Renee Mortimer, 19, stops in the middle of the road to see who is yelling her name. Robert Lamar Giffin, 48, has an enlarged heart. Twenty-eight years ago, William Aaron Jaffe, 24, disappeared. Karen Postell Pepper, 39, loses too much blood through her nose. Bernard Asa Chenowith, 64, stomach cancer. New Age cult leader Daddy, 63, falls asleep. While listening to “There She Goes” on repeat, Melinda Mary Bloch, 38, leaves her car running in a closed garage. Jeanette Louise Bradford, 75, bee sting. Dorothy Su, 58, shot at the gas station she manages. Edward Tully, 48, electrocuted at work. David Raymond Monroe, 32, heart attack at gym. Carl Desmond Williman, 55, death penalty by lethal injection from the state of Texas. Anahid Hovanessian, 52, hit with blue ice from a plane.

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. lives through his operation. He marries Lisa Kimmel from Seattle after learning she is pregnant with his daughter. Lisa Kimmel Fisher drowns, knowing that Nate never loved her.

Bruno Baskerville Walsh, 21, jumps off rooftop while tripping on acid. Dorothy Sheedy, 49, follows false angels to the rapture. Kaitlin Elise Stolte, 14, collapses at sleepover. Lawrence Henry Mason, 65, lightning strike. Anne Marie Thornton, 38, falls in shower. Robert Carl Meinhardt, 42, shot in his home during robbery. Joan Morrison, 65, has two tumors too big. Aware it is his time, James Dubois Marshall, 81, parks his car at the Fishers’. Lawrence Tuttle, 35, is crushed by a floor-to-ceiling shelf of comics. Robert Duane Wething, 46, alcohol poisoning. The Gorodetsky’s family car crashes, killing father Edward Gordon Gorodetsky, 48, mother Coco Grimes Gorodetsky, 42, son Michael Timothy Gorodetsky, 12, and daughter Amanda Lynn Gorodetsky, 9. Kenneth Macdonald Henderson, 50, is cut in two by an elevator.

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. buries Lisa and marries Brenda Chenowith. Brenda becomes pregnant, but Nate never meets the child.

Andrea Kuhn, 41, is pushed into a fireplace poker. Samuel Wayne Hoviak, 39, accidentally runs over himself with his own car. Loretta Smith Sibley, 47, takes pills in front of her son and asks him to hold her hand while she sleeps. Lila Simonds Coolidge, 96, dies on the toilet. Daniel Holzenchenko, 66, finally eats peaches. Fiona Lenore Kleinschmidt, 53, collapses on hike. Peter Thomas Burns, 57, coughs. Pilar Sandoval, 35, rollerblades down a steep hill. Laurence Hall Matheson, 34, is attacked by a cougar while on a hike. Having lost his limbs in the war, Paul Ronald Duncan, 22, is assisted by his sister in suicide.

Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr., 40, dies in a hospital. He tells his mother there is no death, isn’t it a relief when you realize that? The savior falls, first to die. Nate’s organs are harvested. David James Fisher sees his brother with no eyes.

Ruth O’Connor Fisher is 79 in a hospital.

Keith Dwayne Charles is 61 at work.

David James Fisher is 75 in a park.

Hector Federico Diaz is 75 on a cruise.

Brenda Chenowith is 82 at home with her brother Billy.

Claire Simone Fisher is 102 at home, alone.