Assignment Six

Submit text or an object associated with a memory you wish to forget. These memories will be covered in white to become a part of an installation entitled Recollections Transformed: A Place for All Bad Memories. This assignment will be exhibited at the University of Central Arkansas’ Baum Gallery of Fine Art, with an opening reception on January 16th. Below is a full description of this project:


Recollections Transformed: A Place for all Bad Memories

In anticipation of Miranda July’s visit to Conway in February 2014 the University of Central Arkansas’s Baum Gallery is collaborating with Hendrix College to create an assignment on their online web project, Guiding Us to You. This web project was inspired by July’s own website, Learning to Love You More, which asks visitors to complete projects that promote creative thinking through art.

The Baum Gallery of Fine Art is asking participants to submit text about or an object associated with a memory they want to forget. Baum Gallery staff members and UCA art students will then work to ‘white out’ these objects using collaged torn paper and a paint mixture to cover them; however, the participant can also choose to leave the object uncovered.

The Baum Gallery will provide visitors with an opportunity to cover their own objects at the first opening of the spring 2014 semester on January 16th. Visitors will be able to bring objects or write on paper provided at a table in the gallery. Materials for covering the text or object will be provided.

All of the objects submitted to the Baum will be uniformly labeled in the bottom right with the given name of the submitter. Those submitting may also choose to be anonymous.

Each object submitted to the Baum will be photographed and included in an online gallery on Hendrix’s Guiding Us to You website. Beginning with the January 16th opening reception, the Baum will arrange submitted texts and objects in the gallery to create an installation that will grow with additional submissions over the next six weeks of the exhibition. The installation will be on view during Miranda July’s visit to Conway in February.

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