Wasatch by Alex Alfaro

Friendship Fences by Elisabeth Angeroth Franks

Brienzersee by Heather Aruffo

A Change of Scenery by Amanda Ayers

Between by Ellie Black

My Mother by Meg Boyles

Taking Up Space by Anna Conard

Don’t Be So Dramatic by Jackson Fitzgibbon

Falling into Winter by Brianna Frentzko

Encounter by Jennifer Hoppough

Native Soil by Steven Hulsey

Roots by Anushah Jiwani

Winter Run on Gilmore Trail by Carol Kaynor

Ghost Town by Andrew Luft

Invisible Boundaries by Kendalyn Mckisick

Standing Tall by Colin Martell

Sleeping and Waking by Jason Namey

There’s a Cathedral under the Oak Tree by Sabre Nester

Confuso in the Forest by Brandi Jo Petronio Nyberg

Home Moments by Isabelle Pfeffer

Susquehanna by Sarah Small

Stalled Senescence by Susan Sugai

The Silver Dollar by Tori Walters